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Key Performance
Indicators & Metrics
Call Center Agent
Operational Reports

To maintain a consistent level of service quality, we constantly monitor the performance of our individual call center/contact center representatives via Key Performance Indicators and Metrics. A considerable amount of resources is spent towards training our agents to meet these parameters. These parameters related to call center operations and efficiency are listed here:

KPIs for outbound call center operations, sales and marketing.
  • Contacts per hour - Average number of customers a call center agent was able to contact within an hour.
  • Leads Conversion Rate - The percentage of leads that actually converted to sales.
  • Hourly Sales - The average amount of sales the call center representative was able to close in an hour.
  • Daily Sales - The average value of sales the agent was able to close in a day.
  • Accuracy

KPIs for inbound call center operations, customer service, and Back Office Processes
  • Real time Q -Metrics
  • Calls per hour - The average number of calls the agent is able to take per hour.
  • Saves / One-Call Resolutions - The number of times our agents are able to resolve an issue immediately within the first phone call. Colloquially referred to as "one-and-done" calls.
  • Average Handle Time - How long it takes for one call to be handled, which includes the call time itself, plus the work done after that call.
  • Average Wait Time - How long a caller is put on hold before a call center agent becomes available to take the call.
  • Accuracy
  • Abandonment Rate - This is the percentage of customers who disconnected before an agent was able to intercept the call.
  • Completion Rate - The ratio of successfully finished calls to the number of attempted calls by the customer.

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