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Call Center / Contact Center Representative Training

All our call center agents are equipped with:

  • Client Specific Training
  • Knowledge of our Key Performance Indicators
  • Call Handling and Service Knowledge
  • An ability to understand customer needs
  • Telephone and Telemarketing skils
We conduct recurrent training and agent coaching to continually maintain a high level of quality for our contact center representatives.

Training Modules

Listed here are some of the training modules that our contact center agents are immersed in:
  • Customer Service and Caller needs
  • Courtesy
  • Team Leader coaching skills
  • "What should not be told..."
  • Customer Service Rules
  • Telemarketing tips
  • Proactive Customer Service
  • Essential Call Handling Skills
  • Be Positive!
  • Handling emotions for agents
  • Treating every Caller as a Welcome Guest
  • Understanding the irate caller
  • Internal Customer Service
  • Understanding the foreign accent
  • Don't be Rude!
  • Four Cs of Coaching skills
  • Five Forbidden Phrases
  • Six cardinal Rules of Customer Service
  • Telesales Tips from A to Z

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